Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

imatchadvocate inc., has come of age. We are one step above the point we started several months ago. Kudos to everyone! We can now effectively utilize the platform and forum we built to articulate and press our point to the world.

This is huge! The ball is on our Court. Its time to exercise our option to play it, the best way we know how to.

Our dynamic world is ever changing. There are new developments everyday in the world. Of particular interest is development in Countries like Sudan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria. Nigeria – currently undergoing political upheaval for seemingly trivial tribal issues. The leaders in these Countries are not in tune with reality of situation in their respective Countries.

The Weak, the down troden, the poor, even the educated ellite of nationals of these Nations in Diaspora are victim of human rights abuse. Eighty five (85) per cent of skilled individuals love to live in their native Countries but lack where withall to do so because of situation that is exisingt in their respective Countries of birth.

We shall bring you more details on this development as time progresses, on our subsequent blogs.