Corruption In Rogue States.

The word ‘corruption’ was derived from Latin word, corruptus, the past participle of Latin word corrumpere, meaning to destroy. Rumpere meaning to ‘break’ or ‘total destruction.’ The word leterarily means “utterly broken” according to Wikipedia.

The word corruption is as old as the origin of men and woman in the society. It is a common misbehaviour perculiar to all nations of the world. Transparency International compiled perception index of most curruption to the least corrupt nations of the world.

The Third World Countries depicted high preponderance of economic and political corruption. The emerging democraries in South America, North, sub-Saharan region of Africa, where the citizens earned less than $2.00/day, you see their leaders looting their national treasuries and carting away huge foreign exchange in billinons of dollars into foreign bank accounts in Europe, America, and recently Asian Countries.


Political corruption – the process where the legislative arm of the government compromised their legislative position to acquire illicit gains for themselves.

Bribery – This is payment to the receipient to gain undue advantage or circuvent the law. The police, customs, and agencies of government use this method to earn illigal revenue for themselves.

Judicial Corruption – Judges deliver favourable judgement to the highest payer of bribe to him or her.

Patronage/nepotism – Government positions are filled with mediocres, incompetent and inept functionaries. Head of government depts. ministries, government Corporations etc are occupied by professionally incompetent fuctionaries.

Electoral Fraud – involved election personnels falsifying the result of the election. The head of election board discounts actual voting results and substitue inflated figure to the favoured candidate against while the opposing candidates figure is deflated. Actual votes are discarded for the electoral officers’ fictitious figure(election result).

Embezzlement – Top government functionaries like ministers, permanent secretaries, Directors etc It not uncommon to hear cases where the minister stole fund meant to make capital purchases like buying aircraft for the Country being siphone away by Minister of Civil Aviation Ministry. Funds meant for Road constructions are paid out without the Construction work being carry out. Funds to build/maintain schools buildings are paid out to phony contractors who share the funds with government functionaries in charge of the project.

Kick backs – It is a common practice for functionaries in charge of projects to award contract without regard to the rules and procedure, moral and ethics of their profession. Contracts are awarded without regard for proficient performance as required under the laid down procedure. The rules were thrown to the winds.

Organized Crimes – The leaders in Countries that endowed with rich natural resource like oil, gold, etc tend to embezzle revenue derived from sale or export of these resources. In Country like Nigeria, the leaders deep their hand directly into foreign reserve of the nation to award frivulous major contracts to cronies and personal supporters without regard to the laid down procedure for such contract award. Such contracts are never executed while funds are disbursed to the recipients.

The phenomenon and magnitude of corruption in the unclassified rogue States is one of the major causes of underdevelopment.